Thursday, December 29, 2011

Out and About: Vovo Telo {Parkhurst}

Hello. As I was sorting out our 2011 photographs to try and get some order before 2012 arrives, I stumbled  upon a few photo's of  Vovo Telo {in Parkhurst}. I just loved this brand since we discovered the one in 44 on Stanley. What a wonderful way to start the day with really good bread, honest ingredients and a fantastic cup of coffee. Watching the bakers is an added bonus. I also love their salads and the Orange & Almond Cake... mmm maybe we should go tomorrow...

Love, Liezel

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Inspiration: Happy Holidays

Hello! With the Advent Calendars all opened up, I thought I would share a few pics of our recent Happy Holiday Festivities. A few days before Christmas I found some pretty silver balls on sale and bought two packets for R25.00, my original idea was to make decoration to hang outside from our covered roof and have dinner outside, however with the recent rain in abundance I had to move my idea inside. I attached the balls and some stars with fish line onto two wooden sticks, I quite like the out come... Also, instead of flowers, I've put red & green beads onto kebab sticks and added it to pretty green leaves and finished it off with a ribbon...

Enjoy your Holidays! Love, Liezel

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Feature: NEW Afro-Vintage Birdie Tags

Hello! Is anybody out there? Here in our normally crazy busy neighbourhood everything (and everyone)
has quieten down quite a bit.... I met a friend for breakfast this morning and was nearly 20 minutes early due to no traffic... bliss!
Although all the pressies should be wrapped and ready by now, I couldn't help myself to make some more gift tags, however these ones you can use the whole year long. It is available as a ready product or as printable PDF file on my website.

Happy Holidays every ONE & thank you for your support in 2011 and I look forward with sharing my creativity with you in 2012.

Lots of  Love, Liezel

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Feature: NEW Classic Cutlery Dinner Pack

Hello! Firstly, I am so excited to share my new website with you! I have changed the way you can do your shopping as the USD currency and Paypal check-out did not work for all my South African Clients, now you can choose what you would like to have from my shop, email me the details and pay via EFT. 

Now, I made something new for your today - 'The Classic Cutlery Dinner Pack'This printable file has been designed on A4/A3 PDF format so that you can print your own party at home or at a print shop. This elegant 'Classic Cutlery' Dinner Pack has been designed with a soft damask print back groud and cutlery motives. It can be used to celebrate many occasions and the A3 size place mat can also be printed as a beautiful gift. This pack is selling at R200.00

This pack includes:
- a personalised invitation (printable & email version)
- personallised place cards (10 names included)
- a sheet with 7 thank you tags
- placemat that can be printed in A4 and A3 size (A3 recommended)
Wishing  you a  fabulous weekend! Love Liezel

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Feature: NEW Festive Season Greeting Cards

Hello, if you haven't sent out or organised your festive season greetings as yet, MatchSetLove to the rescue!
Just email me a high quality photograph of choice, message and colouring of choice and I will quickly have you of too the photo shop to print out your cards. You will also receive a file ready to email if your prefer the latter. This Festive Season Greeting Card is available in pink/purple and yellow/green. I will change your photo to black and white so don't worry if you only have a full coloured one. Cost: R70.00. Email me at: {}
 Love, Liezel

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Feature: NEW! Reservation Poster

Hello! Although I love to cook, I also love going out for lunch or dinner (dinner being a bit more difficult now with sleep time routine etc.) and have someone else do the cooking whilst I relax a bit...
I'm sure you know someone with whom newest poster will resonate... maybe yourself? The printable file is now for sale at R50.00, you will receive the JPEG files for the 'I made my favourite thing for dinner... a reservation'
Poster with a light grey as well as a white back ground. I suggest you have it printed on photo paper at your nearest photo shop, currently there are specials out for R25 per print. This is an awesome gift and your can print it out as many times as you require - for personal use off course! The 'white back ground' print can also be printed on a different colour paper should that better suit your need.

To buy this poster, simply email:

Happy Sunday,
Love Liezel

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hubby's Advent Calendar

Hello! I made hubby's Advent Calendar (on the right), and I am so excited for the 1st of December to come so that they can start opening their little gifts. The gifts in right-had calendar is a bit heavier than the duplo's and sweet things I used in the calendar on the left, so the prestic didn't do the trick. I used 'no more nails' to glue the plastic holders to the back board! You can download the printable numbers for free in the post below. Happy spoiling! Love Liezel x

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Advent Calendar 2011 + Free Printable

One of the beautiful German Christmas Traditions is to count down the days to Christmas with an Advent Calendar. It comes in all shapes and sizes and we also now see them in our shops in cardboard were a little chocolate will await you behind each numbered door. Last year I made one for my husband with envelopes that I printed, filled with sweet gifts and hanged them on a rope. This year I wanted to make something new for our daughter. I am thrilled to share this idea with you, and you can also download the printable numbers here .... it's not to late... you still have a few days before 1 Dec 2011!

Firstly, you can use the numbers on anything from paper bags to plastic holders (as I have used), I think they will look very nice on chinese take away boxes too!
You will need the 2 page print out of the numbers, a frame with a back board, prestic, decifix, 24 little gifts, 24 plastic holders, festive ribbon, double sided tape & tissue paper.

How to:
1. I have put decifix over the printed numbers and then cut it out to make it nice and shiny, but you can also skip the decifix if you want too.
2. I bought a pack of 20 Atchar plastic cups with reds lids (R15 a packet) and 4 bigger plastic holders with matching red lids for R2,30 each. Put a little piece of tissue paper in each cup and fill each cup with a little gift. We bought some duplo blocks & animals, and filled each cup with two block or a little animal, I varied them with some rice cakes and dried apple rings as our little one is to small for chocolate. Close the lids.
3. Stick the numbers to the lids with double sided tape.
4. Stick the cups onto the back board of the frame with prestic.
5. Finish with a festive ribbon.
6. Put it somewhere as part of your Christmas decorations and Voila!

Now I am off to make one for Hubby too!

Enjoy spoiling your loved ones and couting down the days! Lots of Love, Liezel x

Saturday, October 22, 2011

2012 uBuntu Calendar & Posters!!!

Oh, how excited I am to share this very beautiful and inspiring project with you!

On Monday, the 24th of October we will celebrate World Oneness Day and on this theme Match Set Love designed the 2012 uBuntu Calendar for the way of Ma'at. Most of us has heard the word uBuntu but how many of us actually knows what it means? This Calendar comes in A4 format and each month and message comes on it's own page. What a beautiful gift this will be too yourself, someone you like or love... even a great idea for the corporates out there that are still looking for a year-end gift for their clients. The Calendar is selling for R100 each and if you buy 10 or more the price will be R90 each. For orders please email now, as the closing date for orders will be 30 October 2011.

Match Set Love also designed two posters (A3 format) for the way of Ma'at and they are selling at R50 each. The first one is the 'uBuntu Eye Test' and the second poster is one of the definitions of uBuntu: I am because we are and because we are I am.

We are all one
Love Liezel

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feature: NEW You are my sunshine 'Eye Test' Poster

I have a new poster ready for you today. And not only is it a funky addition to your interior but you can test your eye sight at the same time ;-). It is available now in my on-line shop for USD8. After payment you will receive a link to download the printable PDF file and it can be printed on white cardboard or a different colour back ground if you prefer. Have fun!
Basic Black and White
Sample: Basic Black and White Poster printed on a different colour back ground

Happy Happy Happy Thursday and special Happy Birhtday to the most awesome Dude Kayden!

Love Liezel

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Feature: NEW 3 x Pram Baby Shower Packs

Good morning Everybody! What beautiful days we are having at the moment, blue skies, not to hot... just perfect. Today, I would like to share my 'Pram Baby Shower Packs' with you. The are available now from my On-line Shop for USD25. It is Pink, Blue & Red and Green. I was asked to design a baby shower pack for Claudia. They were brave enough to go through the whole pregnancy without knowing the sex of their baby. I designed a baby shower pack for them in green ... I also included some voting cards so that everyone can guess the sex of the baby, after the birth the parents can look at the cards and see who guessed right!

Each Pram Baby Shower Pack includes:
- a personalized invitation (printable & email version) a photo of the 'mom to be' can also be included 
(as per the sample below of Claudia's invitation)
- 3 x party flags
- 2 x party cones
- thank you tags
- a baby shower game (the green pack also includes voting cards)
- instructions

After check-out just email me the details of the baby shower to (, I will customize the invitation for you and as soon as you have accepted the proof, you will receive the invitations and the PDF's for the Baby Shower Pack via email so that you can print as many as you require and have fun! Please note that you are buying digital files and nothing will be posted to you. Other colours and themes are available at an extra cost.
Green Pram Baby Shower Pack
Blue & Red Pram Baby Shower Pack
Pink Pram Baby Shower Pack

I would love to read your comments on my new 'packaging' format. Enjoy your week!
Love, Liezel

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Inspiration: Lilli's First Birthday Picnic

We went to Germany for our darling Lilli's first birthday. It was so awesome to experience the whole trip with her (even the glaring stares from our fellow passangers on our flight back when over tiredness kicked in ;-). We organised a picnic in her honour in a park in Munich and we were blesssed with the most beautiful day, our magnificent friends, their incredible children, way too much to eat and lovely gifts for Lilli. We took rattles with that we bought at the Art Africa in Parkview (a must visit if you are looking for really nice african curios etc.). I made gift tags to match the invitation and I think the grown ups were just as excited as the kids. The delicious baked goods and cakes are from the bakery, Rischart in Munich. Herewith a few snap shots of the day....
Love, Liezel

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Feature: NEW Alphabet TAGS

So whilst I was working on the ABCD Name Posters, I thought: 'Gosh, but these prints will look awesome as gift tags'. So here they are! USD3 for a PDF file featuring 8 tags and you can print as many as you need for personal use of course!
Happy wrapping, Love Liezel

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Feature: NEW ABCD Name Posters

Ooooo, I am on a roll at the moment! And whilst it last I must make most of it, so ..... herewith my new ABCD Name Posters : These customized and printable posters, features the name of choice and the letters of the alphabet arranged in a fun way. It is available in three different colourings: natural (yellow & greens), pink to purple and brights! Just email me the name you would like to be on the poster and I will customize it for you. After you have confirmed the proof you will receive an A4 PDF file that you can print as many times as you like. This is perfect for the door or wall of a child's room, as a gift or print it out and laminate it as a placemat! So many creative ways to use this one. Please note that you will receive a digital file and nothing will be posted to you.
Pink to Purple

Happy Tuesday!! Love, Liezel

Monday, August 15, 2011

Feature: NEW Retro Birth Announcments

Good morning! I hope all of you had a fabulous weekend, I did! The Retro Birth Announcments is now available in my online shop. They come in pink, blue, green & purple. It's so easy, follow the cart in my shop for the birth announcment you would like to buy, send me your photo and details that should appear on the card, I will customize it for you and email an printable and email version file to you. As quick as that!

Make most of the slightly cooler weather! I'm thinking baked puddings and gluhwein! Njam!
Love Liezel

Friday, August 12, 2011

Feature: NEW Collage Birth Announcements

Yipppeee doodle, here I am again and it is Friday, how awesome, can't wait to spend some time with my hubby! I have created a square collage type birth announcement so that you can share 3 photo's of choice. It is available in pink & blue and I have added a neutral colour that goes very nicely with 'sepia' photographs. I hope you like it! It is available in my online shop.

Happy Weekend! Love, Liezel

Monday, August 8, 2011

Feature: NEW Damask Two Photo's Birth Announcements

Good morning! I just want to get excited about the beautiful, sunny, winter days that we are blessed with at the moment, however something is telling me not to pack away the warm water bottle just yet. Today I would like to share the third type of Birth Announcement in my new range. This classic design is available in pink, blue, yellow and brown and has space for two photographs. Two of the announcements fit onto one A4 page and you can either leave it as one long shape or fold it into three and tie up with a pretty piece of string! The photo's below was taken by Laura Jane Photography and I can't wait to do Lilli's one year shoot with her in a few weeks time.
Happy Monday!
Love, Liezel

Friday, August 5, 2011

Feature: NEW Striped Birth Announcements

Hello again, today I would like to share my new Striped Birth Announcements that is available now in my online shop. It is available in pink, yellow and turquoise. It is a digital file, so you can print of as many as you require! What an awesome way to share the news of the arrival of your newborn! Or gift to new parents?

Thank you to my lovely friends for sharing their precious photo's of their beautiful darlings with me!

Happy Weekend! Love, Liezel

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Oh, I've had so much fun (and still is!) designing this new range of Birth Announcements! Let me know if you like it, I would love to get some feedback. It is printable files, so you just supply me with the photograph and details you would like printed on the card and I will customize it for you. You will received the digital files and then you can print as many as you like! You can follow the cart in my online shop.

Excited Greetings, Liezel