Why print my own stationery? Because this is a much more affordable and fun option. You can choose the design you like and print as many as you require (for personal use off course). You can even personalize it and make it look really stylish by printing it on a slightly textured or shimmering paper.
What format are the printable files?
All my products are sold in PDF format. PDFs can easily be read by any computer, whether PC or Mac. By using PDFs, I ensure that the integrity of the typefaces and illustration elements are perfectly preserved in the best quality for you to print at home. All you do is open the file, and select "Print".
What materials do I need to complete my 'end-product'? All PDF files are designed to print onto normal white A4 cardboard (160g)that is available in most stationary or art shops. I found in our resident art shop that they sell the white A4 cardboard paper singularly and it is much cheaper than buying the packets of pre-packaged cardboard. For the 'black & white' kits you can also print on a coloured A4 cardboard for a more colourful effect without using a colour printer/cartridge. Further you will need a pair of sharp scissors or a ruler and a sharp craft blade and a good quality paper glue. I always use washing pegs to keep the paper product intact until it has dried.
What if I don't have a printer or my printer isn't up to par? If you feel that your home printer isn't up to the task of printing stationery, consider taking your files to a local print shop. Almost any "copy shop" should have a quality digital printer on site that will produce a beautiful final product for a fairly affordable price.
How is payment processed for my order and how do I receive my purchase?
All payment is processed through PayPal, a trusted, safe and secure method of payment processing. You will be taken to a payment page after submitting your order. We do accept international payments through PayPal. After your payment has been verified and accepted you will receive a download link in your email inbox. Just follow the link, download and safe the file/s to your computer.
Do you offer custom stationery design?
If you are interested in a custom stationery design, please contact me at matchsetlove@gmail.com

PLEASE NOTE: The file is yours to keep, and you may print it as many times as you'd like. The file is for personal use only, and many not be resold, used for profit or posted online without the express consent of MATCH SET LOVE. Thank you!