Friday, September 7, 2012

Inspiration: Lulubelle's Fancy ART Party

Good morning, it is amazing to think that last Saturday we had a real hot summers day to celebrate Lulubelle's Birthday with and today we are freezing after a magnificent thunder and hael storm! Bronwenn, Lulubelle's very creative mom, set up a colourful, arty party with so much detail, love and effort. She made use of a wall to create a fun 'canvas' for the kids to explore their inner Picasso. Each child also got a box full of creative goodies to take home; think green slime, soft & glittery play dough, stickers, waterpaint... everything you need for hours of fun! For eats and treats, Bronwenn went bright and healthy with little tubs filled with fruit salad, yogurt and sausage rolls. Denise from Dotty Delights baked the prettiest cake. Stylishly white decorated with colourful butterflies, just to surprise you with layers of delicious colour as you cut it... have a look and enjoy the pictures!

To contact Bronwenn for anything Creative:
Bronwenn - Paper Whimsy

To contact Denise for a Cake:
Denise Diedericks - Dotty Delights
083 778 7752

with Love,

Credit: All photographs taken by myself.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Inspiration: Party Pack in a bucket!

Hello! Today we might have our first spring rain and I am so excited. A little bit cool and overcast; is my favourite weather {maybe because it reminds me of Europe... aaah}. Today I would like to share a very beautiful and creative 'thank you party bucket' that my neighbour Mia made for her gorgeous son, Leonhardt's first birthday. The mask that she put around the tub is such a clever idea and the combination of the ribbon, peg and pretty tag is just perfect. Thank you for inspiring me Mia!
With Love,
Credit: Photographs by myself

Keep Calm

With Love, Liezel

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Colour: Pretty Baby

Today we celebrate Spring Day! Some spring shades to inspire you...

Love Liezel
Credit: Photography by