Thursday, August 30, 2012

Inspiration: Lilli's 2nd Birthday - Ice Cream Theme {Part 2}

Good morning! As promised herewith follows the craft and thank you favours we did for Lilli's Party.

The Craft:  I made a template {that you can download for free below, yay!} of popsicle shapes. Copied it onto coloured card board and glued two-two together with an ice cream stick in between. Then I put together little packets of coloured confetti {yes, yes, I punched away one evening} and stick-on shapes as well as shapes that had to be glued on. Lilli's principal was so kind to borrow me a table and chairs, so I set up a craft station for the kids on the balcony.

The Thank you Favours: I wanted to do something from the heart and not only sweeties. So there were 'real hot chocolate' stars with mini marshmallows. Each girl received an Alice band with a purple felt flower and when I saw the wooden tetrus blocks, I had to get that because Lilli just loves puzzles. To make it a handy toy to go with where ever they do, I made little string-bags. It was packaged in plain white paper bags with personalised matching 'Flag Tags'.

What do you think are nice gifts for the kids in their Party Packs?


Credit: Photographs taken by myself.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Inspiration: Lilli's 2nd Birthday - Ice Cream Theme {Part 1}

Hello! Ooh I am so excited to share ALL of these photos with you today. There are lots, so bare with me. Our precious daughter Lilli turned two last week and as we were not home on her 1st Birthday {read the post here}, I had to make up for it now {chuckles}. It all started with the picture of a cake I saw on Pinterest. It was a light pink cake with a 'fallen' chocolate ice cream on top. Now that I had my theme, all the ideas raced towards me and here is the end result:

The Invite: As an Evite the invite is square, however if it is printed; it is double sided, front to back and rectangular. {This Party Kit is also now available in my online shop here}

The Savoury Snacks: I tried to make nice and {relatively} healthy savoury snacks to try and balance out all the yummy sweet things {as if such a thing is possible}. There were colourful crudite served in shot glasses nested in a  spoonful of caramelised onion dip. Baby Marrow, Pea & Mint Soup Shots, served chilled.  We made small portions of nachos {hot and not ;-} in cupcake cups and Veggie and Ham baguettes wrapped in the 'water bottle labels' to finish of this section. 
The Sweet Stuff: Lilli was so sweet to help me prepare these 'marshmallow pops' and the 'rice crispy treat cones'. It was quite a challenge for her not to eat it all and every now and then a marshmallow went a stray. 
Off course there had to be ice cream. I bought in the Belgium Chocolate ice cream, then made a dairy free Pina Colada Flavour. A heavenly Vanilla and Coconut and ended with Strawberry Frozen Yogurt that the kids loved! I set the ice creams in little tubs and in shot glasses to make small pops so that you could try more than one...

I baked a marble cake {yes, yes... to continue the colour theme.. hie hie} with a butter cream frosting. I found the recipe in my all time favourite magazine ... Donna Hay. To make the ice cream ball for the top of the cake I made a big ball of the 'rice crispy treat' and dipped it in chocolate. After the cake was iced, I placed the 'rice crispy chocolate ball' on top of the cake, poured some more melted chocolate over to get the 'melting' effect and mounted the wafer cone....mmm and it was so delicious!
The Details: I just love paper lanterns. In summer with all our magnificent thunderstorms it is impossible to hang them on our balcony, however, August is perfect. Don't you just love the pretty paper straws that I found at The Selection?
I read this quote by Voltaire... "Ice cream is exquisite, what a pity it isn't illegal". A-ha, new poster for the guest bathroom. Also,  I made a special poster for 'Lilli {age 2} Loves' with all the things she loves to do now and used it as the centre piece of the savoury buffet. To bring in a bit more girly pink I framed two of the Pink Theme Nursery pack posters available here

Tomorrow I will share the craft we did as well as the thank you favours!

Thank you so much Elsali for all your time, willingness to help and your lovely Soup Shot Recipe. You are so appreciated and we are very blessed to have you in our life.

Thank you Rainer for making all of this possible!


Credit: Photographs by myself, Rainer Glaubitz, Debbie Buchanan & Claudia Warchal

Monday, August 20, 2012

Inspiration: Jazy's 2nd Birthday!

Hello! This past weekend we celebrated gorgeous Jasmyn's 2nd Birthday with the fun 'Monkey Around' Theme. They have a beautiful garden and lots of space to climb, run, jump and Monkey Around!

I just loved the creative monkey cupcakes her grandmother made and the cute monkey thank you favours! Someone even drew a Mr. Monk on the black board, Oh, how I love detail! Her mom also baked a monkey cake with the cutest banana paws and arms! Here are a few images of the day:

The 'Monkey Around' theme is available here in my online shop.

Have Monkey Monday,

Credit: All photographs by myself

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Feature: NEW Bohemian Paisley Party

Hello! Today I would like to share my new 'Bohemian Paisley Party' theme with you. If you are planning an elegant, special birthday, this one could work for you. The main two colours are purple and green and features an Indian Paisley Print, combined with a nice, scripty font it looks really beautiful and fresh. This set consists of Invitations, Envelope Design (if required), Favour Boxes (2 x after eight choccies fits perfectly), place cards and mini flags.This Party is now available in my shop here.

Happy Wednesday,
Love Liezel
Credit: All photographs by myself

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Introducing: & Jewellery

Hello! Today we are celebrating my mom's 60th Birthday. Except for all the planning and organising the big question was what gift to get her. We wanted something really special and personal. We thought of a special piece of jewellery and found the perfect person to create + make it for us. Her name is Andrea Neethling, the very talented jeweller behind the Cape Town based & Jewellery. She created a beautiful sterling silver piece for us consisting of 7 'icons' with spacers on the most delicate snake chain. The icons represented my mom's three children, her three grandchildren and her beloved dog Josie that passed away earlier this year. Each 'icon' has the matching birthstone and name of the person engraved on it. The perfect gift for a very special and colourful woman!

You can contact Andrea here:
+27 84 423 2644
or check her out on Facebook:

'Veels Geluk Hiep Hiep' Vinyls Stickers available here.

Happy Birthday Mom!
With Love,

Credit: Photographs by myself

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Woman's Day Bookmarks {Free Stuff}

Hello! Tomorrow, 9 August 2012  we celebrate Woman's Day here in South Africa and to celebrate I have decided to make something special. These pretty little bookmarks fold at the top to keep your place secured. There are three bookmarks with three different quotes on the downloadable PDF. Just; print, cut, score and sit back and enjoy your book. These bookmarks could also be an awesome little favour/gift at your next girls breakfast, tea or whatever!

Have a Wonderful Woman's Day,
(Credit: Photographs by myself)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Out & About: Market on Main

Hello! This past weekend we eventually went to Market on Main. It's been on my to-go-to list for quite a while now... and I must say: "I am so happy we did". It is situated  in the Maboneng Precinct on the east side of the Johannesburg CBD  and located in an early 1900's warehouse. Arts on Main aims to preserve the historical aspects of the building and contribute to the Jozi CBD's urban regeneration. The way there is a bit dodgy, however don't be put off by this, we didn't feel unsafe for a moment and if you follow the directions on the website it is quick and easy to get there.

We were welcomed with beautiful food stalls and products to taste. My husband stumbled upon 'Pauli's Tomali Relish' and I think for that reason alone we might be back next weekend. 'Two Man Jam' did a really good job with their 'Jungle Jam' too. I settled on a delicious veggie filled Roti from Durban Curry and my Hubby & friend on Chocolate Crepes... lots of variety to suit everyone's fancy. Coffee to me is real important and 'Ikhofi' makes a great cuppa..

There are tables and crates to sit down and enjoy your gourmet finds inside or you can venture outside up to the roof top bar.

Do yourself a favour and go enjoy some urban revitalisation!

Credit: All photographs taken by myself